Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

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My future business

Hello, Have I ever told you about what am I going to do in the future? Well if not I’lm going to share my idea here with you guys. You probably know I have a decent skill in cooking, that is one of the basic skill you have to learn if you’re a girl like me. So, I probably won’t go to far from this skill of mine. I might run a small restaurant or even selling cookies. I do dreamed about being a chef but I think I’m not ready for that. But hey... anything could happen, right?
So, being a chef is my target. Be it a five-star restaurant chef, or a home chef for my family. Before I’m able to be one, I have to climb the ladder first. I usually doing some experiment on my cooking. Some of them goes smooth when some of them are probably going to give Gordon Ramsey a heart attack just by looking at it. If the experiment goes well, I’d be happy to give it a test on my own.. but if things goes really wrong... It probably end up in the trash bin right after it’s done. Or, If I feel the urge of doing some prank... I’ll ask someone to taste-test it for me. Hahahahaha the reaction when those failed dish touched their taste-bud  is priceless.
Even if I can’t became a five-star restaurant chef, I’m sure I’ll be a chef for a family of my own someday. And even if I’m no some fancy chef, I can still earn some money from cooking as a wife. I mean baking cookies, or even some basic dishes and sell them to people will make money, right? And it doesn’t sounds bad either... I can make my own restaurant. A simple, house restaurant that is. Or you can call it food court, if that is how you should call a place where you can eat not-so-fancy food for a reasonable prices.
So, that’s for today... I’ll see you soon.

Tutorial, how to save an AutoCAD drawing to an older version

# Hello guys, welcome back. Today I’m going to tell you about how to save a drawing from AutoCAD to an older version of AutoCAD. Well this might looks simple and useless... but trust me, someone out there doesn’t have any idea how to do this and it makes everything complicated.
One example is my friend. So we are working together and paired as a group for an assignment. I told her to do the basic design and I’ll take care of the rest. She used an AutoCAD 2010 while I’m using the 2007 version. The 2010 version is able to open a 2007 .dwg file but the same rules doesn’t applied to the 2007 version which can’t open any .dwg files from later version.
So, how are we going to do it?
It’s pretty simple. What we have to do is just save it to an older version of AutoCAD through the save as command. And then in the save as window, there will be a drop-down option to select what format we kind of format we wanted to save. And fromm here just select the older AutoCAD version.
See? It’s simple... but it’s crucial. And to make things clear, I’ll give you a step-by-step pictures.


Done! It’s super easy and it only took three pictures to explain the whole process. Oh, you have to rename the file too. In case you hide the extension of eccery file in your PC. Beside, renaming files will make it easier to notice which one is the older version and the which are the latest version. Hopefully this simple tutorial will help you someway... and I hope you didn’t stumble into the same problem as I did with my friend in my assignment. So yah... that’s it...see you next time everyone... bye!

Asking an experts

Hey guys, have I ever told you that I hate english? I mean I can’t really speak english that good and to be honest I can’t even spell. I was able to write this down because of google translate and some help from my friends. I don’t even know why those people I asked for help are so... excited about english. I mean living with my own language is enough for me. Yeah, I know english is an important language but.... those who aren’t good with english will feel me, I guess.
So, on that topic, I decided to ask one of my friend this question. “How on earth you learned english?”. Let’s get right into it.
F (me): Hey A, can I ask you how did you learned english?
A (my friend): well, I learned most of it through games, musics, and films.
F: Oh, really? How is that even possible?
A: well, if you listen to a good music, you probably try to search the lyric and then sing along. This, along with trying to imitate you favorite actor in your favorite movie is going to help you.
F: Well, I sing alot of songs in english but I don’t think I’m good at it.
A: Singing along isn’t enough, you have to live with it. For me, the best way to learn a language is to live where the language is frequently used. For my case, sometimes I use english to communicate with my family.
F: Oh, so the point is to use it frequently?
A: You can say.... to “get used” to it. Some people actually trying to mix their mother language with english in daily conversation. That as it might sounds like a joke, is one big step. It’s really important to try and mix your language with english and eventually you’ll get used to it.
F: Oh, okay I’ll keep that in mind.
And that’s that, he does make it simpler that it should but that’s just him. Oh, and I don’t intend to put his name here, because one reason... privacy.
See you~!

I can’t Imagine life without education

Have you ever imagine a live without education? Or, maybe we shouldn’t go that far, what about a live witout teachers? Life would be a less brighter than it already is. I mean we have to learn everything by ourselves, like reading, counting.... or even speaking. Some people might be able to pull of the trick but some of us can’t do it. So here I’ll try to imagine how’s life would be without teachers.
First, if we are to learn how to speak by ourselves might not be a big problem. Most of us learned how to speak on our own anyway. But what if I told you that everyone speaking arround you or speaking to you when you were a kid is actually a teacher? A language teacher to be exact. They tried so many times to communicate with you even if they know that you don’t understand a single word coming out of their mouth. But thanks to their hard work and your cute look when you’re a kid, everything paid off when you managed to say “mommy” or “daddy” for the very first time.
If there are no one speaking to you or you didn’t listen to any of those people speaing to each others, you might end up speaking like a monkey right now. Isn’t that scary enough? I mean not being able to speak is bad enough right? Now how about not being able to count, not being able to stand, or.. speaking in a wider reach, not educated. You’ll live a poor life.. you probably can’t find any decent job, which means no earnings... no money and therefore, no life. Unless you decided to beg for money on the streets, which is bad.
Remember what your teacher thought you. We can’t live like this without them.

Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

Teks pidato

Ladies and gentlemen, I think that is what I can share for now. I hope it can be useful to all of us. Im sorry if any of my words are happen to be inappropriate in any way. Thankyou for your attention .Ladies and Gentlemen, Have you ever trapped in a road traffic for almost an hour? Or even more? That is one of the most unpleasant experience right? Traffic jam is one of the many problems that almost unsolveable. What does traffic jam actually is? Its an event where the amount of the vehicle on a street is so overwhelming that no one able to move freely when they should be able to. Sadly, Pontianak is one of the city in Indonesia with a high traffic jam frequency. So, we need to evaluate why the traffic jam occured in the first place. And why does the number of traffic jam seems to be increasing every year
 The demand of transportation is unbelievavbly out of control, its stand around 8%-10% a year. Meanwhile the availability and the develpoment of the road itslef only stand around 0,01%. This is the main reason why traffic jam is unavoidavle. The fact that we prefer to have our own vehicle instead of using public transportation only make things worse, not to mention the condition of the road itself, holes and things like that.
Traffic jam is unarguably very troublesome. We will spent times, fuel, and even our very own energy on the street for a considerable amount of time. Not olny tat traffic jam also take part in the increasing air polution. Drivers arent only the only one who feel the effect of traffic jam, pedestrians also suffer the effects.
For that reason, let us try our hard to make Indonesia better, in term of transportations. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that is what I can share for now. I hope it can be useful to all of us. Im sorry if any of my words are happen to be inappropriate in any way. Thankyou for your attention