Sabtu, 18 Maret 2017

my skill

Assalamualaikum wrwb
I’m going to tell about my skill which is cooking. I really like to cook because it is an important skill that everyone should have. Usually I cook some snacks like seblak, omelete and the other snacks that I don’t know what is it called. Seblak is a food originating from west java. Seblak is made of crackers that has been put inside warm water before it is fried, then a fried-noodle-like seasoning is added.  Making seblak is similar to makin fried noodles actually. Seblak is very delicious, especially if it served warm and spicy. Seblak is one of my favorite food.
            As for omelets, it’s a very simple dish to make. Just boil some noodles and use add some egg, mix it well, and then fried. Omelets and chili sauce is a great combination, it is also perfect for those who loved ketchup and soybean sauce. Omelets and seblak are easy to cook but it taste good.
            I don’t really have many skills. But I’m very proud of having skills at cooking, because it’ll make me a great wife someday hahahah. Usually on 17th of August (indonesian independence day) there is a cooking contest in my neighbourhood and in of those times, I was crowned as the winner in a cooking contest. I really am very proud of myself although it’s only a neighbourhood contest.
I don’t have any plan of becoming a chef even if I can cook. I prefer cooking as a hobby
That’s it what I have to say, sorry if it’s not piqued your interest. See you next time

Jumat, 10 Maret 2017

Reading skills

A. Pre-reading questions
1. - To help the peoples to learn English langue
   - Help the human to design the structure of buildings in the world
  .) They have not feelings, so they can make worres the in the future

2. Kind of Robot we would like to see as Doraemon’s Robot. Because Doraemon can make our desire will comes true.

B. Reading
   Paragraph 1  : Line 7
                          Gatest suggests that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same whay that personal computers have been.
   Paragraph 2  : Line 12
                          There are several reasons why the age of home robots in now possible. First, robots need a brain-a computer.
   Paragraph 3  : Line 28
They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes

C. Identifying topic and main idea

1.      C. Robots in the home.
2.      Robots will improve our lives in many ways

E. Identifying opinions

3.      -  Airline Pilot       : I would not like, it very dangerous. Because the robot can bring me to accident
            - Doctor                : I would’t like it. Because it is impossible to do surgery for a human
-    Cook                  : I don’t agree. Because the people have different sensation of about the foods and drinks
-    Police Officer     :I agree. Because they can to help the police to do many jobs in police office.
-    Singer                 : I don’t agree. Because the Robot don’t talk too much.
-    Taxi Driver         : I agree. Because Robot can make me be happy the car as asloong the street
-    Teacher               : I don’t agree. It’s not flexible

Core vocabulary

1.  I wanted at least : smartphones, laptops, printers, AC, fan, televisions, chargers, iron washing machine, rice cooker, refrigerator, lamp, DVD player
2. There is a hotel in Japan operaTed by robots, they act as the receptionist, cleaner,etc.
     It would be great if they could do our homeworks.
3.Things that we should do on our own are study, becaus3 robots doesn't need to study but we do.

-adopt = legally take another’S child and bring it up as one's ocen (line 4)
-aid = to help somene / people with his / her / their problems. (line 3)
- career = what one's do to earn money. (line 11)
- code = a lef of intructions for computer. (line 16)
- doubt = questioring about something. (line 15)
- effort = an attempt to do something. (line 7)
- force = to push one's idea, need. Etc. (line 6)
- oppose = to deny someone's idea. (line 5)
-potetial =the ability to do something. (line 14)
-serve = to do someone's work . (line 8)

Jumat, 03 Maret 2017

tugas mingguan pertama

 Assalamualaikum Wr Wb.
                   My name is Fuji Anti Lussy . My nick name is puji. I was born in Sukabumi at June 02th 1996. I live on Puskesmas Pal 3  street, gg. Usman Gani no 23a Pontianak City Districks, Pontianak , West Borneo Indonesia. My gender female. And I choose Islam as my religion. My blood type is B . my height is 155 cm my weight 55 kg. I am the second daughter and I have one brother. My brother names is Deri Riswandi Lussy, My mother names is Fatimah and she is 48 years old. Now she is doing the profession as house wife. My father names is Syarifudin Lussy and he is 54 years old. Now he is not working on government organitation. My education details  is start from  Pre mentary Sejahtera Sukabumi State Elementary school 36  Pontianak City, State Junior High School 9 Pontianak, State Senior High School 4 Pontianak, and now I continue
                   My study at Tanjungpura University in Civil Engineering because I wanna be a us full person to my country.My hobby is reading e-book , listen music, , hangout, etc.  my daily live study Tanjungpura university Pontianak. I going to collage by motorcycle. I need 15 minutes form my home to my collage. I think thates all.